A Fitness, Health & Beauty Journey -Inspired by the novel "Ada's Rules" by Alice Randall. Celebrating black beauty everywhere, in all shapes, shades, and sizes.

The Rules

Ada’s Rules: 53 perfect rules for an Imperfect but Excellent Health and Beauty Revival.

1.    Don’t Keep Doing What You’ve Always Been Doing  

2.    Make A Plan: Set clear, multiple, and changing goals

3.    Weigh yourself daily

4.    Be A Role Model

5.     Don’t Attack Your Own Team, Don’t Let Anyone On Your Team Attack You

6.    Identify and learn from ‘the best for you’ iconic diet texts

7.    Walk 30 minutes daily

8.    See Your Doctor

9.    Do the DNA Test

10. Budget, plan to afford the care feeding exercising and dressing of you

11. Get eight hours of sleep nightly

12. Eat breakfast

13. Self-medicate with Art: Quash Boredom and Anxiety

14. Consider Surgery

15. Keep a food diary and a body journal

16. Add a second exercise three times a week

17. Drink eight glasses of water daily

18. Eat sitting down

19. Eat slowly

20. Manage Portion Sizes

21. Find a DNA-based snack that your like that likes you

22. Use Quick Motivation Fixes: poems, fingernail polish, waxing

23. Add a Zen exercise: on hula hooping, water jogging, watsu and yoga

24. Don’t be afraid to look cheap—in restaurants

25. Eat every three hours

26. Savor HOT and COLD, the power of herbal teas and flavored ice cubes

27. Don’t initiate change you can’t stick with for five years

28. Based on your DNA—Find and Create Quick Food: a homemade and healthy house specialty AND a healthy and palatable frozen dinner

29. Use consultants: on trainers, masseuses, nutrionists and priest

30. Massage your own feet

31. Drink cautiously:  no juice, no soft drinks, no food color, no corn syrup, no fake sugar; examine alcohol and caffeine intake

32. Bathe to calm or to excite, recipes for baths

33. Find DNA based—Care Package that works for you and yours

34. Don’t stay off the Wagon when you fall off the wagon— and you will fall off the wagon

35. Get Therapy

36. Create your own Spa Day

37. Get better hair

38. Fake it ‘til you make it: on Spanx and Big Smiles

39. Update your beauty rituals and tools

40. Shop for your future self

41. Take ONE bite of anything and never more than TWO bites of anything decadent

42. Create your own uniform, for day and for night

43.  Frontload: Eat before going to certain events; drink water before meals

44. Draw a map of your body

45. Update your goals

46. Create your own Spa Week

47. Get better hair down there

48. The proper props: on scarves, shoes, purses, sunglasses and respect

49. Don’t stop short of your goal

50.  Celebrate dappled beauty daily: the power of the imperfect and good enough

51. Cultivate new interests

52. Make a health and beauty calendar

53. Do it for you

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