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I’ve been extremely busy this summer & haven’t had time to take care of myself as much as I’d like to but I went on a 3 mile run for the past two nights & I feel great! Of course, night 1 was terrible but tonight I felt rejuvenated & the run was much easier. I noticed 3 things tonight that made my run go more smoothly:

  •  Run with a friend - they’ll push you to keep going, whether it’s motivationally or competitively. It’s easier to run when you have someone along side you each step of the way. My friend is a much stronger runner than I am, but running with her has me feeling like I can get there too.
  • Listen to music - the first night, I couldn’t find my headphones & the run felt sooo long! Listening to music helps you develop a rhythm for your pacing & breathing. Plus, you get so caught up in the music that run just goes by much faster.
  • Keep going - Commit to a distance or time & run the whole thing. If you quit, you’re just selling yourself short & it makes it harder to reach your goal. Also, make it a regular thing - run often so that your body gets used to it. Running tonight was much easier than the first night & I’m sure tomorrow will be even better.

Don’t forget the 8-8-8 : 8 bottles of water a day, 8 hours of sleep a night, and 8 miles (walking or running) a week!

Love, Lisi

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